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Sanford Center: Cronin appointed to new post

BEMIDJI – The facility operations director at the city-owned Sanford Center has been promoted by the company managing the building.

VenuWorks, hired by the city of Bemidji to manage the facility, named Mike Cronin as the associate executive director of operations at the Sanford Center.

“Mike Cronin started working at the Sanford Center during the construction phase,” said Steve Peters, president for VenuWorks.

“His industry knowledge and experience makes him an extremely valuable employee and an integral part of the facility’s success. We’re glad to have him on our team.”

The promotion reflects Cronin being the second in command at the Sanford Center, which will have a new executive director starting Jan. 2.

Last month, VenuWorks announced it hired Curtis Webb as the new Sanford Center director.

Cronin is responsible for all operational aspects of the Sanford Center including engineering, environmental services, guest services, and technical services, according to a news release.

A 19-year veteran of facility management, he started his career in 1993 at the Iowa State Center in Ames, Iowa, before moving to Atlanta to open the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in 2007. In 2010, he came to Bemidji to complete construction on the Sanford Center.

Cronin is an avid runner and enjoys woodworking in his spare time.