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The Blackduck Theater is the Business of the Week

From the very first movie played on the big screen in Blackduck, Chariots of Fire, the current, Eclipse: The Twilight Saga, Blackduck Theater has come a long way in the almost 30 years it has been open.

The theater, which has been owned by Bob and Jan Moore since 1981, is operated by their daughter, Robin Mistic, and is valued by area residents.

"People from all over come to our theater because we have lower ticket prices," Mistic said. "We get people from not only in town but from Bemidji, Kelliher, Northome, Red Lake and other areas."

Mistic said she believes people come to movies in Blackduck because they're affordable. With only one screen and being in such a small town, the theater can afford to offer ticket prices at $3.50 for matinee showings and $4.50 for the evening show.

Wednesday night, the theater sold out for a midnight showing of Eclipse: The Twilight Saga.

"There were more cars on Main Street at midnight than there were at noon," Mistic said. "I even took a picture and sent it to my sister."

Mistic explained that there is competition with Bemidji having a much larger theater only half an hour away.

"It is hard because we don't get movies as fast as they do," she said. "Sometimes a movie has already been out for a few weeks by the time we get it."

She explained that with movies like Eclipse, it is also hard because of the booking standards set behind it.

"We'll have to have it showing for three weeks," she said. "The first two will be busy but it will probably slow down by the third."

She said her family owns other theaters not far from Blackduck. They own the Fosston Theater and the River Cinema in East Grand Forks.

"Once we opened the other theaters, we have a little more leverage now as to how quickly we can get new releases," she said. "We can shuffle the prints around easier."

Mistic said she is thankful such a small community enjoys having a theater and acknowledges it -- especially her third graders who get leftover popcorn when the machine is cleaned.

"I really appreciate the support that we get from our community," she said. "We get people who come in every week and we're just really lucky."