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PBTV adds UFC On Demand

Paul Bunyan Telephone has announced that Ultimate Fighting Championship On Demand has been added to the cooperative's PBTV On Demand service.

UFC On Demand will provide at least 15 hours of content each month in three separate categories, UFC Free Zone, UFC Fight Zone, and UFC Event Zone. Content in UFC Free Zone is free to watch and will feature the Ultimate Guide to UFC.

UFC Fight Zone and UFC Event Zone will have programs for purchase on a per-rental basis. Fight Zone features UFC fighters in one of their best or toughest single fights from recent or historic UFC events. UFC Event Zone offers classic fights, top-selling UFC DVDs of all time and specials.

"We are excited to add UFC On Demand for our customers," said Brian Bissonette, Paul Bunyan Telephone marketing supervisor, "Mixed Martial Arts has seen tremendous growth in the United States and in northern Minnesota. We've always offered live UFC Pay-Per-View events and that will continue, but now our customers have even more access to UFC content just by using their PBTV remote."

To find UFC On Demand, PBTV customers can hit menu on their remotes and go to PBTV On Demand and then Events. PBTV On Demand is not available in all areas and some restrictions may apply. To find out if PBTV On Demand is available at your location, call 444-1234, 999-1234 or, toll- free, 888-586-3100.

Paul Bunyan Television is a service of Paul Bunyan Telephone Cooperative. Paul Bunyan Telephone has offered communications services to more than 4,500 square miles of northern Minnesota since 1952.