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Marvelous Fish House closes

BEMIDJI -- A little more than six months after opening its doors, The Marvelous Fish House has decided to close, owner Marv Hanson said Wednesday in a press release.

“It’s a shame,” Hanson said in the release. “We had a great summer, we created jobs for people that otherwise would not have been given a chance and we had a good product from the local area. I gave it all I had and it just didn’t happen.”

The Marvelous Fish House opened in May, offering fresh walleye from Red Lake Fisheries and wild rice from Red Lake Nation Foods.

Born in Red Lake, Hanson aimed to offer jobs to his fellow American Indians.

“Most of all the employees have been there from day one and they are hardworking and very dedicated,” Hanson said. “I hope they will be able to find employment elsewhere. The holidays are coming up and not to have this will make it hard on their families. We were a family and it is sad to see everyone leave.”

Barring any last-minute development, Hanson said the business, which took over the former El Mariachi building at 801 Washington Ave. S., will close permanently.