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Day care provider charged in infant’s death

FARMINGTON — A 45-year-old Farmington woman was charged with manslaughter after an infant in her care died last summer.

Rebecca Lynn Graupmann was charged with two counts of manslaughter in the second degree, one count of endangerment of a child, one count of neglect of a child and interference with a death scene. The charges all relate to the death of 3-month-old Kaiden Robert Staebell. Graupmann was the child’s day care provider.

A criminal complaint was filed Tuesday in Dakota County, according to a news release from County Attorney James Backstrom.

Farmington police were called to the Graupmann residence July 31 on a report that a child in the home had stopped breathing, was unresponsive and was “blue and cold.”

Paramedics were unable to revive the child, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the release, Graupmann’s account to police changed several times when confronted with new details about the scene.

The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy determined that bleeding from Kaiden’s nose and evidence collected at the scene led to the conclusion that the child died of probable positional asphyxia.

The manslaughter charges are felonies. The remaining three counts are gross misdemeanors.