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Intensive search continues for former Duluth woman

Intensive searches in two parts of Minnesota in recent days for Mandy Matula, a former Duluth resident, have yielded few results, police said Monday afternoon, but details are emerging about the man she was last seen with.

The Eden Prairie Police Department confirmed what family members had been saying on a "Finding Mandy" Facebook page about David Roe, Matula's onetime boyfriend who killed himself after being contacted by police. The two were last seen by family members late last Wednesday and by a witness early Thursday in an Eden Prairie park.

Police said Roe recently had purchased a gun. Family members and police said Roe left a message on his cell phone saying goodbye to his family shortly before shooting himself in the parking lot of the police station.

On Monday police also said that an unfired bullet found in Eden Prairie is the only evidence they have of any foul play. They haven't matched the bullet to the gun Roe purchased April 27 but said it is of a similar caliber to the ones found in his gun.

Matula, a 24-year-old former University of Minnesota Duluth student and softball player who graduated in 2011, was reported missing Thursday when she didn't report to work.

Eden Prairie police asked Roe to come to the station Thursday to discuss the disappearance. He came to the station that afternoon and shot himself in the head while still in his car. He later died.

Police have since used cell phone and other records to pinpoint search areas around Eden Prairie and just north of St. Cloud.

UMD softball coach Jen Banford said her team has had a long five days of emotional highs and lows. Banford was with Matula's family on the first night she was reported missing, joining other UMD alumni. She then went to Rochester and the team's tournament there. After being eliminated from the tournament, the coach and team went to Eden Prairie on Sunday to help with a search.

Banford said the family continues to be in "shock and disbelief" five days after Matula was reported missing.

Steven Wenzel, a UMD student, has been a neighbor of Matula in their hometown and in Duluth. He's trying to get a bracelet or T-shirt campaign going to raise money for the Matula family.

"We're trying to get that moving along before everyone leaves for the summer," he said.

He went home for the weekend and helped search in the Eden Prairie area. He also visited the Matula family.

"It's been pretty tough," Wenzel said of the days since Thursday.