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Melting snow causes road closures

A portion of Jackson Avenue Southwest was under about six inches of water Monday morning. Rapidly melting snow is causing issues on several area roads.

Residents of Jackson Avenue were more or less cut off from the outside world Sunday night.

That’s when the dead-end road in a lowland area near Oak Hills Christian College was closed because a long stretch was covered with water, a result of melting snow under the warm sun this weekend.

“I run the day care next door so I called everybody and said we’re closed for the day,” said Kim Week on Monday morning. “One of my day care parents said they would throw supplies across the water if we needed it.”

By Monday morning, the moat was about six inches deep. A culvert drained like a flowing stream into the ditch next to the road.

Beltrami County Emergency Management released a list of a handful of roads that were closed Sunday night. Officials also cautioned drivers about many other stretches of road that were partially under water in townships across the county.

Week and other residents received a call from Beltrami County’s automated emergency notification system, CodeRED, about the high waters Sunday night.

Beryl Wernberg, the Beltrami County emergency management director, said Monday the water was going down “quite well.” She said crews have been working to keep culverts clear.

“Any culverts that are frozen, they’re steaming,” Wernberg said. “But what we’re not seeing so much, which is good, is the running water that washes the road out.”

John Rowles, Bemidji Township roads supervisor, advised residents to be cautious when driving.

“All this melting all at once has created flooding all over,” Rowles said. “It's just something that happened really fast this year… But we haven't had any serious problems.

“People just have to be alert and pay attention.”

Meanwhile, the Minnesota State Department of Transportation was cautioning motorists about a section of State Highway 200 approximately 10 miles east of Mahnomen that was partially underwater Monday afternoon. 

Here is a list of affected roads as of 6:30 p.m. Monday.  


                CAUTION  Tranquility Ln NW – Fireside Dr NW plugged culvert/road washing off of Cardinal Rd NW

                CLOSED Coyote Rd NW between Radar Rd NW and Grange Rd NW

                CAUTION Nature Rd NW south of Ness Rd


                CAUTION Puposky Rd NW north of Turgi Hill Rd NW

                CAUTION Puposky Rd NW north of Little Turtle Rd NW

            CAUTION BUT OPEN  Puposky Rd NW at Little Turtle Rd NW


                 CAUTION Lindgren Rd NW east of Irvine Ave NW


                 CLOSED Kodiak Rd NW at Bee LN NW south of Balm Lake- washing out


                 CLOSED- Frohn Rd SE south of 23rd St SE

                 CAUTION  23rd St SE between 5000 block and Chets Ln SE – staked but water over road

                 CAUTION Mill St E water creeping out near Frohn Rd SW

                 CAUTION Lynx Rd SE muddy from water over it but is clear of water


                CLOSED Werner Rd NW north of Grange Rd NW - impassable

                CLOSED Kelm Rd NW between 300 yards no of Lakey Rd NW for approx ¼ mile

                CAUTION Coyote Rd NW approximately ¾ mile north of Grange Rd NW

            CLOSED Coyote Rd NW just south of SPENCER RD NW no route south from Spencer


                CAUTION Lammers RD NW north of Thoren Dr NW

                 CAUTION Thoren Dr NW east of Centerline Rd NW

                 CLOSED Tom Jefferson Dr NW closed from Northwoods Rd NW (CO 507) to ¾ mile west on Tom Jefferson Dr NW- water is at least 1 foot deep


                 CAUTION Clearline Rd SW between Clearwater Co 350th St and 330th St

                 CAUTION Clearline Rd SW at Pottery Rd NW


                 CAUTION Three Culverts Rd NE between Tenstrike and Turtle River Lake Rd NE

                 CAUTION Rice Pond Rd NE just south of Nelson Lake Rd NE water across the road


                 CLOSED – Jackson Ave SW which is one way in and out road that also impacts Norrona Ct SW and Firetrail Ln SW closed to any travel just north of Oak Hills Rd SW.  Residents advised by CodeRED to shelter in place until further notice. As of 11 AM on Monday April 29 this road remains closed to traffic.


                 CLOSED New Maple Ridge Rd NE is closed ¼ mile west of Scenic Highway  (or 2 ¼ miles east of Hwy 71 N)


                 CAUTION Pincherry Rd NE north of Kinn Dr NE water washing road


                 CAUTION Pioneer Rd NE 2 miles south of Saum- water across the road 

John Hageman

John Hageman covers North Dakota politics from the Forum News Service bureau in Bismarck. He attended the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities, where he studied journalism and political science, and he previously worked at the Grand Forks Herald and Bemidji Pioneer.  

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