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Minn. Senate DFL wants HMO, nursing home surcharge

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Senate Democrats want a new state surcharge on HMOs and nursing facilities to help pay for health and assistance programs.

The Senate health and human services budget bill contains $11.3 billion in spending to provide health care and other services to low-income people. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Tony Lourey, tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he was charged with slowing the rate of growth in spending on those programs but that he included some revenue generators to avoid steeper spending reductions (

Lourey's proposal raises $80 million from the HMO surcharge and $16 million from the nursing facilities surcharge. The bill takes about $400 million from state health care fund that's fed by a tax on doctors, and it a repeals a 2019 sunset provision on that tax.

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