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‘Chaos and mayhem’: Bemidji man recalls bombing

BOSTON – Lee and Marcy Hanson of Bemidji heard the explosion before they saw anything.

“It sounded like two cannon blasts going off,” Hanson said.

Lee Hanson, 54, had finished his fifth Boston Marathon about an hour before the first bomb exploded.

“It was pretty frightening,” Hanson said. “Everything just turned into chaos and mayhem. With a crowd like that, everyone just took off running. It was quite scary.”

Hanson estimated they were about 100 yards away from the detonation site.

“We turned and ran,” Hanson said. “We got out of there like everyone else.”

Seconds later, the second bomb exploded.

Hanson said the response from emergency workers, including the bomb squad, was impressive.

From his hotel room, Hanson was watching and reading updates from news reports, including those reporting at least two deaths and dozens of serious injuries, including lost limbs.

“It was pretty frightful,” he said. “It could have been anywhere.”