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Police arrest man accused of burying dad's remains

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police have arrested a man accused of burying his father's remains at an Oregon trailer park and stealing his Social Security benefits.

Investigators working with the Social Security Administration arrested Corey Starks last week in Minnesota on a warrant for abuse of a corpse.

The remains of Starks' father, Charles Starks, were found last month at the Anchor Inn RV Park in Port Orford.

According to court paperwork, Starks told investigators his 71-year-old father died after a seizure in 2010, and he buried the body in a shallow grave near his trailer. The documents said video and bank records showed he got money from his father's Social Security checks, deposited in a joint account.

Two medical examiners are investigating the remains to determine if the death was from natural causes.

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