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UMinn study on taconite mines and cancer revealed

MOUNTAIN IRON, Minn. (AP) — University of Minnesota researchers will travel to the Iron Range to share their findings of a lengthy study into possible links between asbestos exposure in taconite mines and a rare cancer that has taken the lives of 82 miners in recent years.

The nearly $5 million study, which began five years ago, has focused on whether exposure to dust in the mines and processing plants makes workers more susceptible to mesothelioma (meh-soh-thee-lee-OH'-muh) and other respiratory diseases.

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure. In the most recent update, researchers revealed that the study confirmed a 300 percent higher rate of mesothelioma on the Iron Range than the general population in Minnesota.

The meeting Friday is at the community center in Mountain Iron.

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