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Improving gun background checks would cost $1.1M

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Lawmakers' plans to improve Minnesota's background check system for gun sales would cost the state almost $1.1 million.

That includes roughly $800,000 for the manpower to dig through old court records for mental health commitment information send to the national database of people who can't own a gun. That's a small —and uncontroversial — part of the lead Senate Democrat's move to tighten the state's gun laws.

Another $250,000 would pay for preparing and streamlining all of that data before it's sent. The state would also pay $25,000 to include more felonies as disqualifiers for gun ownership.

Sen. Ron Latz, a St. Louis Park Democrat, says those costs are necessary to improve public safety. Latz is also pushing for universal background checks on gun sales.

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