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Boy’s mother files bus driver complaint with Beltrami County Sheriff's Office

BEMIDJI – The mother of the boy who allegedly was forced to walk home after his school bus driver would not let him off at his driveway has filed a complaint with the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office.

A report was filed about 9 a.m. Thursday from the mother, Amber Thayer, according to a daily media report from the sheriff’s office.

Thayer reported that her 6-year-old son was forced to remain on the bus after the bus driver dropped the child’s older brother off at their driveway and then drove the younger child down the street, according to the media report. The bus driver then made the child, who earlier was noncompliant with the bus driver, to walk home in the cold.

Beltrami County Investigator Scott Hinners said Friday afternoon that he started his investigation Thursday and hopes to have it complete by next Wednesday.

Thayer first reported the incident to the Bemidji School District on Feb. 20, the day the incident allegedly occurred. The district undertook its own investigation, and the bus driver, who has not been identified by the district, resigned during that investigation.