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MN school trims suspensions of players over dance

MOUND, Minn. (AP) — Mound Westonka High School has reduced the suspensions of six hockey players who brought the latest Internet dance craze to the school lunchroom.

But the Star Tribune reports Sunday's decision did little to quell the anger of parents and students. The suspensions were imposed just before a playoff game the team lost Friday night.

Principal Keith Randklev defends the discipline, but says they've eliminated a second day of suspensions for the six hockey players and two swimmers. He says they've also asked police to rescind $75 tickets issued to the students for engaging in "riot-like behavior" when they performed the Harlem Shake.

Some of them danced on table tops and chairs.

Randkley continues to decline to say what the students did wrong, only that the performance violated school policies.

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