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Free computers for low-income families, PCs for People seeking Bemidji area donations

BEMIDJI – Minnesota Nonprofit PCs for People has selected the Bemidji area to distribute free computers to low income families.

The project seeks to reduce waste while simultaneously helping bridge the digital divide in greater Minnesota.

This will be the second trip to Bemidji for PCs for People. Last May the organization distributed 88 computers to families.

PCs for People will be working with Bemidji businesses and organizations for desktop and laptop computers that are soon to be retired and ready to be recycled.

The mobile refurbishing team will travel to Bemidji next Wednesday to restore donated computers. The work will include wiping data, making repairs and upgrades, and installing Microsoft Windows 7. The computers will also be stored with educational games, OpenOffice, and security and antivirus software.

The organization will work with local community groups to identify low-income families that would benefit from personal computer ownership.

Computers will be distributed Feb. 8. All computers come with a 90-day warranty and basic computer training.

Businesses looking to participate in the program and donate equipment should contact Casey Sorenson at (612) 567-8435 or

For more details, visit

The mobile refurbishing project is funded by the Blandin Foundation and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).