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TEAM Industries launches new training program

BEMIDJI – An innovative training program will launch next month guaranteeing a job for those who successfully complete the program.

TEAM Industries, in partnership with the newly developed Minnesota Innovation Institute, will offer a four-week training program on machining and CNC operation, according to a news release issued recently by Greater Bemidji.

The company will pay for the cost of the training and will pay trainees while they are in the program, according to the release. After successful completion of the program, trainees will be guaranteed a job with TEAM Industries.

“The goal of the Minnesota Innovation Institute is to be a one-stop-shop for manufacturing expertise, support and talent,” said Dave Hengel, executive director of Greater Bemidji. “The Institute’s High Performance Training Center and TEAM Industries have partnered to put together a really exciting opportunity for workers in the greater Bemidji region.”

The pilot program begins in February.

Those wishing to learn more, or to apply, are invited to attend a job fair at 10 a.m. Wednesday hosted by the Minnesota Workforce Center, 616 America Ave. NW, Suite 210.

The Minnesota Innovation Institute was initiated by regional manufacturing leaders. Key stakeholders include Greater Bemidji; the Idea Circe, Inc.; Bemidji State University; Northwest Technical College and the Minnesota Workforce Center.

The Institute also is examining the potential of developing incubator space for new and emerging companies, as well as additional training opportunities.

“Our overall goal is to meet the needs of manufacturers in the region and beyond,” Hengel said. “We want the greater Bemidji region to be seen as a hotbed for manufacturing. Meeting the needs of TEAM Industries, one of the region’s largest and most important companies, is just the first step.”