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Beltrami County commissioners begin process to fill position, review grant applicants

BEMIDJI – The Beltrami County Board of Commissioner is expected Tuesday to discuss the process for appointing a new auditor-treasurer and review this year’s applicants for development fund grants.

The county board is scheduled to meet in a 3 p.m. work session following by its 5 p.m. regular meeting. Both meetings take place in the County Administration Building.

The county’s current auditor-treasurer, Kay Mack, has accepted Beltrami County’s top position as county administrator. Her official resignation as auditor-treasurer is expected to be accepted by the county board during its regular meeting; discussion on how to fill the auditor-treasurer position is slated for the work session.

Mack was first elected county treasurer in 1986, according to the county website. In 1997, the county combined the auditor and treasurer positions and appointed Mack while still preserving the elective status for the office.

Mack last was elected in 2010, after running unopposed, to another four-year term.

In a letter to commissioners, County Attorney Tim Faver writes that state statute requires the county to appoint someone to fill out the remainder of Mack’s former position.

“The Board has considerable discretion in choosing a replacement,” Faver wrote in the letter, included in the county board packet. “The Board can make a straight appointment or advertise for applicants as might be done for any other position.”

The statute does not dictate a time period in which an appointment must be made, but Faver recommends that county board proceed “within a reasonable amount of time.”

Development fund grants

In other business, the county board will review the applicants seeking development fund grants.

The grants, awarded annually, are made available to applicants in the county if promote tourism, agriculture or industrial development.

Twelve agencies have applied for the grants, seeking a combined funding of more than $365,000, according to the packet.

About $70,000 has been awarded each of the last two years, according to the county.