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Contest: Gobbler guessers submit correct entries

BEMIDJI – The following people correctly answered the “Guess the Gobblers” contest in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the Pioneer.

There were 37 gobblers hidden in the Nov. 22 newspaper. Entrants had until Nov. 24 to provide the correct number to be eligible for prizes.

Find the advertisement in today’s newspaper for prize winners.

Lisa Beyer

Heidi Hopkins

Heidi Lindseth

Cathy Perry

Tandy Bowman

Mary Lu Oustad

James Ambuehl

Jim and Bonnie Dahl

Barb Willberg

Dale Berglund

Mike Ness

Jean Lillquist

Harris Sachau

Richard Robinson

Sarah Kiefer

Debby Miller

Gini Holler

Shawn Klein

Dianne Klein

The Hoefer Family

Charlene Stebbins

Dawn M. Logan

Allyson DeMars

Dusty Gilbertson

Brenda Hostetter

Bob & Peggy Hirt

Bradley Olson

Eleanor Swanson

S. Swanson

Dorothy Schmidt

Alton Theis

Roger Jarvi

Leonilda Burks

Mary Jackson

Margarette Rue

Gayle Bjelland

Joan Miller

Sharon Swanson

Carol Parsons

Rosaleen Rapisarda

Roberta Hamilton

Ruth Willberg

Darlene Wilson

Deanne Stately

Harry Blackburn

Marlyce Trepanier

Patty Theis

Beatrice Ross

Earl Dagestad Sr.

Elizabeth Olson

Connie Marken

Marion Sebo

Frances Kiefer

Becky Otting