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Upper Red Lake roads impacted by high waters

BEMIDJI -- Recent heavy rainfall continues to cause flooding conditions across much of Minnesota, including Beltrami County. The Tamarac River, which flows from Koochiching County into Upper Red Lake, has flooded several feet above the river's banks and has resulted in the closure of several roadways, according to the Beltrami County Emergency Management office.

Floodwaters and washouts have caused the following impacts to roadways:

• Steel Bridge Road Northeast is cautioned due to being underwater in several spots east of the Tamarac River.

• Memory Lane Northeast is closed south of Steel Bridge Road Northeast.

• Eland Road Northeast is closed east of state Highway 72.

• Waldo Road Northeast is closed south of Sunny Beach Road due to a washout.

• Sunny Beach Road west of Waldo Road Northeast is cautioned due to water threatening the road and poor road conditions.

There are many roadways in and around the Waskish area that are at risk of going underwater because of overland flooding. Water continues to move through the bog and forest areas. Increased flow of the Tamarac River or additional rainfall could result in rapid flooding of additional roadways, officials said. Motorists traveling roadways other than trunk highways should use caution and watch for rising or unexpected water on roadways.

Boaters who wish to travel up the Tamarac River should use extreme caution as the river is swollen multiple times the normal size and with higher flow. The river level is too high to allow boats to pass under the bridge at Steel Bridge Road Northeast in Waskish. Wake caused by boats could result in significant damage to shoreline properties.