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Five accidents, no injuries Thursday

BEMIDJI — Although the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of five accidents Thursday due to early-morning icy roads, only very minor injuries occurred, Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp said in a telephone interview.

One of the accidents was a rollover that occurred Thursday morning on Beltrami County Road 15 near Nebish, with no injuries reported, Hodapp said.

 “We had five crashes this morning, a couple rollovers, one crash into guard rails,” he said. “These all happened on the frosty road, people going to work or people going home from work. Most of the crashes happened over on the east side of the lake, and then we had the crash up by Nebish.”

Hodapp was on the scene at three of the accidents and said the only injury he saw was minor cuts on someone’s hands.

“It was a very fortunate morning,” he said. “I was at three different accident scenes this morning and in all three of those, the people were OK.

Laurie Swenson
Laurie Swenson is a reporter/copy editor for the Bemidji Pioneer. She has been with the Pioneer since 2004.