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Perfectly punny for the palate: Foiled Rotten offers homemade organic burritos

Leslie Arndt (left) and Julia Oxenreider are the owners and operators of Foiled Rotten, which makes and sells organic burritos through a food truck at Rail River Folks School. — Joe Froemming | Bemidji Pioneer

BEMIDJI -- Over at Rail River Folk School, a food truck operates on the weekends, selling locally-made burritos from organic ingredients. The food is made by the two owners/operators, Leslie Arndt and Julia Oxenreider.

The place has a unique name: Foiled Rotten.

"My friend came up with it a long time ago," Oxenrider said. "Back when we were first dreaming of starting a food truck. It was kind of a thought floating around that wasn't really anything.

"We were just thinking of names for fun and she came up with that. I just knew -- that one just stuck with me."

"And everything comes in foils, so it's like 'spoiled rotten,'" Arndt added with a laugh.

"Just perfectly punny. We feel like it's a little bit of reverse psychology as far as advertising, because people are like 'Who would name a restaurant something rotten?'" Oxenreider said.

Also adding to the itony: the food they sell is organic, bought from Harmony Natural Foods Co-Op. They said they also plan on buying ingredients from the Farmer's Market as summer starts getting underway.

Foiled Rotten opened on April 19, and is open Fridays and Saturdays.

The menu changes each weekend: Recently, the theme was breakfast burrito. This weekend Jamaican jerk is the featured theme.

The truck offers three options for customers: Meat, vegetarian and vegan. The latter two are options that can be hard to find while dining out, Arndt and Oxenrider said.

"We have a vegan option every week, a vegetarian option every week, so it's sort of a niche group that can't go out to eat because there are animal products in most things you purchase at a bar or restaurant," Arndt said. "And so we're very conscious of the smaller population of people who may not be able to go out to eat."

The themes are posted on Thursdays via the Foiled Rotten Facebook page. They two also use social media to promote their products and engage with the community.

They offer delivery via Wheel Fast Delivery, an independently-owned and operated bicycle delivery service. A single burrito order costs $3 to deliver, and for orders of 2 burritos or more the cost is a $5 flat rate. For orders outside the downtown area, delivery is $7.

"They are super fast," Arndt said. "They made it across town once in under 9 minutes."

Wheel Fast gets the delivery charge money and tips.

Arndt and Oxenrider said the owners of Bemidji Brewery termed this unique cooperation "Co-Opitition," as it's important for local community businesses to support one another.

Arndt and Oxenrider plan to stay open throughout the summer and will close down once winter comes.

Foiled Rotten is located at 303 Railroad Street SW at the Rail River Folk School and is open Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m.- midnight. For more information call (218) 760-5344 or visit or

Joe Froemming

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