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2 Wisconsin communities battle over bratwurst

PRESCOTT, Wis. (AP) — Two western Wisconsin communities are disputing who gets bratwurst bragging rights.

The conflict started after recent news accounts of Prescott's world-record-setting bratwurst, which was 52 feet, 2 inches. A local grocery store, Ptacek's IGA, grilled it for its centennial celebration Oct. 6 and then put it in an equally long bun.

On the same day, organizers of an Oktoberfest about 65 miles away in Dallas grilled a brat that was 135 feet long.

Seems like there's an obvious winner, right? Not quite. Prescott, near the Twin Cities, followed the official rules set forth by the World Record Academy in Florida. The brat had to be in a bun and organizers had to pay a $1,900 application fee. So they get the record.

But that's not stopping Dallas-based Valkyrie Brewing Co. from bragging. Its website states that all the brats the company has grilled since 2009 are longer than Prescott's.

“The Dallas Oktoberfest's 2012 brat at an amazing 135 feet long was nearly THREE TIMES longer than the world's longest brat. Our brat is not considered to be a world record because the Dallas Oktoberfest was not preapproved as an actual event by the World Record Academy in Florida (whoever that is) nor did we pay anyone any money. And we're not likely to in the future.”

Dallas’ bratwurst might be longer, but there's no bun, said Pat Ptacek, owner of the Prescott IGA.

“A 150-foot-long brat is an awesome brat, but I dare anyone to find a 52-foot-long bun,” Ptacek told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Ptacek said he contracted with Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. in Sun Prairie to bake the bun, costing $20,000. Add the bratwurst, transportation, application fees and they paid $30,000 to capture the brat crown.

“We did two brats just in case one fell on the ground or an eagle came down out of the sky and snatched it up,” Ptacek said. “We can do a 200-foot-long brat, but the bun is tough. You're limited to the length of the truck. We had a 52-foot-long truck, so we had a 52-foot-long bun.”

But the disagreement is hardly a feud. Ptacek thinks it's great that Dallas cooked up a 135-foot bratwurst. Muench thinks it's wonderful Prescott got the world record.

“I don't want to take anything from their fest,” Ptacek said. “But it's like comparing apples to oranges. You can't have a hamburger without a bun. If you do, it's called a patty.”