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Woodbury police frequently called to controversial motel

WOODBURY, Minn. (AP) — Records show police calls to the Woodbury motel where a fatal hostage standoff occurred in August outnumber calls to all the other hotels in the city combined.

Some residents want local leaders to help reduce crime at the Red Roof Inn or shut it down.

The motel was the scene of a fatal shooting Aug. 31. Police say a Stillwater man held a number of people hostage, sexually assaulted four girls and tried to shoot a man who fled from the motel. Police fatally shot the fleeing man outside the motel, mistaking him for the shooter.

There were 132 calls to the Red Roof Inn in 2012 during the 8 months before the shooting. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports calls to five other hotels in Woodbury totaled 106 during the same time period.

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