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Bills, Williams to challenge Klobuchar

U.S. Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar will advance to the general election, along with Republican challenger Kurt Bills and Stephen Williams from the Independence Party.

One candidate from each party advances to the general election.

All 87 counties had reported results by 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. With 3,845 of 4,102 precincts reporting, following are the votes:

Independence Party – Stephen Williams, 59.84 percent; Glen Menze, 40.16 percent.

Republican Party – Kurt Bills, 51.41 percent, David Carlson, 35.12 percent; and Bob Carney Jr., 13.47 percent.

Democratic Party – Amy Klobuchar, 90.82 percent; Dick Franson, 3.35 percent; Jack Shepard, 3.3 percent;  and Darryl Stanton, 2.53 percent.