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Naked man throws naked girlfriend off second-story balcony

As his girlfriend was being loaded into an ambulance, the man accused of throwing her off a second-floor apartment balcony told medics, "Take her away -- I don't ever want to see her again."

That allegation came in a criminal complaint filed Monday, Aug. 13, charging Anthony Maynard Nelson, 57, of St. Paul, with first- and third-degree assault. Nelson insisted that his girlfriend fell off the balcony and that he did nothing wrong.

Police responded Sunday to an apartment in the 600 block of North Snelling Avenue on a report of a woman beaten and thrown off a balcony.

The complaint had these allegations:

The woman told police that Nelson thought she had been unfaithful, going out with other men instead of to work, the complaint said.

During an argument Sunday, he punched her in the eye and pushed her into a glass table, causing the table to break. He stomped her in the ribs. She got up and went to the balcony, screaming for help. He tried to pull her back inside; they struggled back and forth until he "got mad and pushed (her) ... off the balcony," the complaint said.

The woman, 45, landed on her back and head.

Two neighbors who witnessed the balcony struggle said the couple were naked. The neighbors said the fight caused the balcony railing to break. It had been partially broken from a previous fight, one neighbor told police.

Nelson was arrested.

In an interview, he told police that his girlfriend "drinks a lot and is crazy and she freaked out on him," the complaint said. He called her an "idiot" for going out onto the balcony when the railing was already loose.

Nelson alleged that the woman broke the table days before when she got drunk and fell on it. He denied he pushed her onto the table, punched her, stomped on her or even had an argument with her.

He said she was on the balcony naked and screaming for help when he tried to pull her back inside. Because of her screaming, he decided to let go, he told police, saying that was when she fell against the railing and caused it to give way.

"Nelson denied pushing (his girlfriend) and said that she was the 'idiot that fell,' " the complaint said. Nelson told police the woman was trying to set him up.

The woman was taken to Regions Hospital. She was diagnosed with "multiple broken ribs on her right side and a burst fracture of one of her vertebra," the complaint said. When she arrived at the hospital, she could not move her legs. Doctors operated on her back for eight hours.