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Today's second clue for the First National Bank Bemidji Downtown Dragon Boat Medallion Hunt

BEMIDJI - Here's the second clue for today's First National Bank Bemidji Downtown Dragon Boat Medallion Hunt.

I don't live in a yellow submarine,

But with $250 on the line,

And fun by design,

The sound of music can be heard nearby

The initial clue was printed in today's Pioneer newspaper.

Use the clues to help find the medallion and claim today's $250 prize.

Here's how to play:

- The Pioneer has hidden a medallion in a spot accessible to the public and somewhere between Paul Bunyan Drive and Irvine Avenue and Second and Fifth streets northwest.

- Go downtown and start looking. Medallions will be hidden, but no digging, dumping, destroying or trespassing will be necessary to find one. Be respectful of property, both public and private, during your search.

- Redeem the medallion at Ken K. Thompson Jewelry, 419 Beltrami Ave., between 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for the $250 prize.

- If the medallion is redeemed, the public will be notified via the newspaper's website at Until then, consider the medallion unclaimed and keep searching.

Additional clues will be provided online until the medallion is claimed.

A new medallion will be hidden for Saturday's contest, with the initial clue printed in the newspaper.