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Medallion hunt debuts during Dragon Boat Festival

BEMIDJI - The inaugural First National Bank Downtown Dragon Boat Medallion Hunt is near.

Strike out on your own or gather a team of scavengers Friday and Saturday, and you could claim a $250 prize.

Successful scavengers will find one of two medallions hidden downtown during the Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival.

Here's how it works:

- The Pioneer will hide one medallion each day in a spot accessible to the public and somewhere between Paul Bunyan Drive to Irvine Avenue and Second to Fifth streets northwest.

- Read The Pioneer newspaper each day to find a clue to help find that day's medallion. If additional hints are needed, they will be posted online at

- Go downtown and start looking. Medallions will be hidden, but no digging, dumping, destroying or trespassing will be necessary to find one.

Those are the basics, but watch the Pioneer in the coming days for more details about the contest. And be ready to find clues in Friday and Saturday papers to start looking.