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Bear spotted walking around prairie town of Glyndon

GLYNDON, Minn. - A black bear has been spotted walking about town here, according to wildlife officials and a resident who saw the bear in his backyard.

Rick Young, of Glyndon, spotted the bear behind his residence Friday afternoon. Wildlife officials in the area said the bear has been around town, which is just east of Moorhead in Clay County, for a few days.

State Department of Natural Resource officials said bear activity in the northwestern part of Minnesota is not uncommon and that black bears have actually been moving farther west, out of forested areas and into the prairies.

"They're very quick to take advantage of whatever foods are there," said Karen Noyce, a bear biologist for the Minnesota DNR.

DNR officials advise anyone who comes into contact with the bear to leave it alone. If you feel threatened by the bear, officials said to make loud noises and "act large" in order to intimidate the animal.