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Student athletes help clean Diamond Point Park

Athletes from Bemidji High School and Bemidji State University pitched in to help the city clean Diamond Point Park of tree debris Tuesday. From left, BHS athletes Nick Wasnuk, Sam Wasnuk, Mitchell Deer, Rachael Riley, Billy Deer, Alex Logan and Brandon Baumgartner helped collect branches. The BHS athletes from the power lifting program and summer hockey program filled five canisters. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer

BEMIDJI - Bemidji High School and Bemidji State University partnered with the city to continue cleanup at Diamond Point Park Tuesday.

About 75 BHS student athletes and about 30 BSU student athletes helped clean up the smaller debris left from the July 2 storm.

BHS head football coach Troy Hendricks said BSU head hockey coach Tom Serratore contacted him last week to ask if he had athletes who could join in the cleanup process.

"I thought it would be feasible to have some of our athletes help out," Hendricks said.

Hendricks gathered athletes participating in both the hockey strength program at the Sanford Center and the Sanford Power Program at the high school.

"It's good for them to help the city," Hendricks said. "We're helping clean up the small debris and helping the city move faster with the project."

Kelsey Olson, a sophomore at BHS, said she had a personal reason for helping clean up.

"I wanted to help get our beach back and help everyone else who's helping out," Olson said. "There's a lot to do, but a lot of people came out, which is nice."

Addie Colligan, a seventh-grader at Bemidji Middle School, said she showed up for weight training and found out everyone was going to Diamond Point to help clean.

"We decided to come help out," Colligan said. "We didn't have anything else to do and thought it'd be nice to help clean up faster."

The athletes helped make the cleanup much faster, Tina Hanke, recreation leader for the city, said.

"We couldn't dedicate a whole staff to this," Hanke said. "We're looking to get the park cleaned up faster and be able to get the mowers in and everything looking nice again."

Hanke said reopening Diamond Point will depend on any contract work the city has scheduled.

"There's still the pavilion repair that needs to be done," Hanke said. "There's a few holes that need to be filled in and some stump removal too."