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Prime Time | The big move

Life brings many changes over time, and the longer we live, the more major new situations we find ourselves facing requiring us to make adjustments.

We have just made a major move that will take a while to seem natural and allow us to feel at home in a totally new living situation.

We have moved, after more than 40 years in our home on Grant Lake, to an apartment in the assisted living complex called WindSong. We have a living room, dining area and kitchen, plus a bedroom and bath. We also have a den, which gives me the space for my computer, printer and files. We are fortunate that our daughter and son-in-law will take over our house, using it in the summer for a couple of years until they are ready to fully retire and move there to live. That makes it much easier for us to take the change, since our much-loved home is still in the family, and, as our son-in-law says, we have visiting rights.

There is much about our new place that brings us great advantages. We don't have the major upkeep work on the yard and house that we have had. Our main meal of the day is part of the deal, and we can easily make our simple breakfast and lunch in the apartment. We are finding numerous people here who we know. After living in this community for more than 40 years that is not surprising. They all have welcomed us and assured us we will love it here. Friends in town who have learned that we have moved in assure us that people they know who live here are happy, and we are finding the staff to be very helpful and kind.

The family gave us a new big-screen TV that will keep us in touch with the region and the world. We have our car here, and since Wag still drives, we will be able to attend church and other community activities.

It is reassuring to have our familiar furniture, and we have brought along some favorite pictures of family and from our travels. They have been hung along with our beloved Norwegian clock. Those are the things that are helping us feel we are at home.

It is surely a new phase of life, but at 88 we can see that it makes sense for us.

I hope and plan to keep alert to what is going on locally as well as in the world around us and find some thoughts and ideas to continue to write this column and make it of interest to readers.