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Diamond Point cleanup begins, portion of Birchmont Drive closed to motorists, pedestrians

BEMIDJI - The city of Bemidji has closed part of Birchmont Drive today to begin cleanup of Diamond Point Park.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Birchmont Drive between 16th and 19th streets northwest will be off-limits to motorists and pedestrians, Police Chief Mike Mastin said in a news release.

"Motorists and pedestrians will need to find an alternate route around this area," Mastin said.

The public is requested to stay away from the park so crews can clean up the fallen trees and debris from the July 2 storm, which whipped through the city with winds of 80 mph or more.

"There are many hazards and workers are slowed by pedestrians and other onlookers," Mastin said.