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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bills speaks to Beltrami County GOP

Rep. Kurt Bills, candidate for the U.S. Senate speaks to the Beltrami County Republicans Saturday night at the Eagles Club. Brian matthews | Bemidji Pioneer

BEMIDJI- After formally filing to run for U.S. Senate just two weeks ago, state Rep. Kurt Bills visited the Beltrami County Republicans Annual Banquet on Saturday, ensuring people that he will defeat Amy Klobuchar in the upcoming elections.

"We will beat them because we have a plan," Bills said.

That plan is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's Platform to Revitalize America, something that Bills said he will continue to run on through the election.

Sixteen Senators voted for the plan when it was brought forward, not enough to pass it but Bills said he would be the 17th.

Paul's proposal calls for the elimination of the Department of Commerce, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and the Department of Housing and Development.

Bills admitted that the plan is tough and will be tough to vote for but he said it is worth it because it balances the budget in five years and pays off $2 trillion in 10 years.

"This is not easy to vote for but we have to do this for our kids," Bills said.

Bills said the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1,000 days, which he said he will not tolerate if elected.

Bills said there are many plans that are being formed and though he admits there is no guarantee in his plans, it is the fact that he has a plan and Klobuchar does not.

"I will stand with the guys that are standing with up with those plans," Bills said. "The only way to go forward for liberty and freedom is to get away from debt and dependency."

Bills said his campaign will officially start on Thursday after he teaches his last first hour economics class of the year, gets on the bus and tours the state to get votes.

"You need to send someone who understands economics and thinks about the kids every time he votes," Bills said. "I won't think about any lobbiest, I won't think of dollar signs. I will think of every kid that asked the question, 'Mr. Bills what are we supposed to do about this?' You get behind me we will bring the majorities back, kick Dayton out next time and we will bring economics 101 back to Washington."