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Blackduck Planning Commission tackles blight

On May 11, the Blackduck Planning Commission met with Habitat for Humanity and representatives from Headwater Regional Development Corporation.

The main focus of the meeting was to discuss blighted properties located within the city of Blackduck and how to create and implement an action plan that will get the attention of these property owners that are out of compliance.

Currently the city has an ordinance which governs various blighted conditions and also in its land use ordinance regulations with regards to blight and these ordinances include a penalty if properties are found in violation and if the property owner doesn't remove the blight within a certain time frame the city can remove the blight and charge the property owners for the service. Truly not a win-win situation for anyone as it becomes quite negative upon the initial onset of the discussion.

Therefore, what the Planning Commission is proposing is a joint efforts project with HRDC and Habitat for Humanities "Brush of Kindness" program to help property owners in the City of Blackduck take pride in their property and their community by starting with some neighborhood clean-up projects and an educational element that will promote this project.

The group has scheduled their next meeting May 25 at 10 a.m. at the Blackduck City Hall and during the next meeting we are hopeful HRDC will have collected all the pieces of our discussion and will have a draft action plan to further discuss.

n the meantime if your property has issues of blight and you just can't get it taken care of contact Habitat for Humanity and inquire about their "Brush of Kindness" at 218-751-4649.

Also, if this project is of interest to you and you would like to help plan and strategize with us, we welcome your attendance at our next meeting!