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GFWC Blackduck Tri Sigma takes first at state GFWC

Shown are, Val Thielman, Jackie Barclay, Laura Rockis, Kathy Tobin, Shirley Deno and International GFWC President-elect, Babs Condon. Not pictured were Mary Lea Anderson and Connie Moen.

First place and a check for $50 were awarded to GFWC Blackduck Tri Sigma at the General Federated Women's Clubs State Meeting. "LIFT: Learning Is Fun Together" was their Community Improvement Project.

The club adopted Mr. Dahedl's classroom in the Blackduck High School. Activities were planned and carried out by club members every month of the school year during the two year reporting period.

The projects reflected the six Community Improvement Program areas of GFWC. The students did sewing projects in the Arts area and 100 percent of his students entered the GFWC Arts contest. Field trips were taken to broaden the experiences of the students in Conservation. Literacy was the topic for Education. Several projects were carried out in the Home Life program area including making treats for the Good Samaritan senior living home, cooking, learning about manners and graduation events.

Students learned about life in Turkey for International Outreach. For Public Issues, the students learned about voting and met the Blackduck Mayor. The main reason for selecting the project was to develop a relationship between youth and adults. The goals of the project were:

• To foster a caring relationship between youth and adults.

• To support the school staff to help meet the educational goals for the students in the class.

• To include projects that covered the GFWC Community Improvement Programs.

• To organize and collaborate with others to provide hands-on activities for the students.

• To instill the love of learning.

GFWC Blackduck Tri Sigma's first place entry has been sent to GFWC Headquarters for entry into the National General Federated Women's Clubs' Community Improvement Program Award. Pictures of LIFT activities are now on display at the Blackduck History and Art Center.

If you are interested in joining this dynamic volunteer organization, contact Shirley Deno at 825-4923.