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Pathways Through Our Past

Looking back

When we look back at some of the fashions for summer sports both men and women wore swim wear that covered most of the body. The women even wore a cap or hat much like those worn to sleep. So covered from the top of their head to the tip of their feet it's a wonder they were able to swim and the men wore long skin tight pants. And what today might be called a muscle shirt. As years went by the suit for women had less and less material. Finally in 1946 the Bikini made it's debut on the beach scene. Today that bikini has even less material and the same goes for the men's swim suit. Now it's less material and more skin showing.

Early fashions for women were long dresses with long sleeves and the men wore long sleeves with garters for the business men .Some of early fashions had men wearing knickers Today again it's less material and more skin showing.

The same for the hair, long hair was a woman's pride and joy, sometimes she had never cut it and the men wore theirs neatly cut. In the 50's both boys and girls wore what was called the duck tail and both wore shirts hanging out and blue jeans. Walking away it was impossible to tell the sex of the kids. The same goes today. Either both wear long hair or they shave their head. Any thing goes.

Families did things together such a trips and camp outs. Going to fairs and carnivals. Now kids don't want their friends to see them with the parents. Little do they know that some of the friends wish their parents did more with them.

In the 50's gas cost 15 cents a gallon while today it's $3. 66 and changing every day and going to the movies cost as little as 14 cents and you could stay and see it over and over. Today the cost for adults is $8.00. It keeps changing like the gas.

Today there is little recognition for an employee who has worked for a company for many years while in the past there was a dinner and maybe a gold watch or some shares in the company. Now management hardly remembers you are leaving.

What ever happened to the corn feed as soon as the corn was ripe, or the watermelon eating contest or the pie eating contest? Or watching the train go through town or just listening to the whistle just before falling asleep?

True some would say things were hard back then and others will say it hard today.