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Prime Time: Spring into style with senior fashion show

To dress in style means to be smart or elegant about how you dress. You want to look your best.

Everyone is unique and has unique interests, body type, and tastes. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. No matter your age or who you are, you want to look your best.

Styles have changed over time due to the popular or political culture, climate, and health of the economy. Popular culture has driven style with movies, songs, music videos, and awards shows. Political culture has also given rise to fashion over the years with camouflage; political ads on T-shirts or just the desire to speak your mind about a political issue that is prevalent.

The health of the economy has also driven how and what people spend their money on for fashion.

A pair of jeans is no longer just a pair of jeans anymore. It's the label or decoration on the pockets that drives the price up. When the economy was not as strong, how many of us dressed in hand-me-downs as we grew up to save money?

In Minnesota, sometimes it's a bit challenging to dress in style in January when it is 35 degrees below, though you still want to look good under your parka. We replace dress shoes with snow boots for a foot of snow. We feel a little more bulky with a layer of long-johns to contend with. Fashion is put on the back burner for warmth.

But when spring comes and we can shed the layers like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, then we begin to look for something fresh and fanciful to dress in.

This gives us a feeling of freedom and our step is a little lighter. We watch for the spring styles to come onto the sales floor of the stores. You're hoping for something new, smart and maybe even a little elegant to wear for that warm, carefree, spring and summer day.

If you would like a chance to look at the newest spring fashions but without having to walk so far, stop by the Senior Center and pick up a ticket for $7 to our Spring Style Show, featuring four Bemidji merchants. The show starts at 1 p.m. May 19. Your ticket includes coffee and dessert. You could even win a prize.

DIANE ENGEL is the executive director of the Paul Bunyan Senior Activity Center