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South Shore Development: City looks to terminate contract

BEMIDJI - Russ McGinty's contract for selling south shore land may be terminated this week.

The Bemidji City Council on Monday is expected to approve a 60-day notice of termination for McGinty of North Central Commercial Realty in Maple Plains, Minn.

McGinty was hired by the council unanimously in October 2010. He originally envisioned a south shore development with restaurants, hotels, housing and boutiques.

John Chattin, city manager, sent a letter to McGinty dated May 1, in which Chattin, on behalf of the council and Bemidji Economic Development Authority, notified him of the "collective decision to terminate" the contract.

"In that we've not spoken in the past several months, please do not hesitate to call with respects to any prospects that you would like to make us aware of as we move through the 60-day termination period," Chattin wrote.

Chattin also noted in the letter that the city has yet to close on the land sale for the planned Sanford Center-attached County Inn & Suites, which would include a Buffalo Wild Wings, with developer Tripp Snyder. The city and Snyder have signed a developer's agreement for the property, with Snyder agreeing to purchase 2.17 acres for $756,202.