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Kelliher Board adopts policies

Members of the Kelliher School Board met April 12 with everyone present including visitors Betty Mohs, Walter Mohs, Calvin Mayers, Carly Amsden, Janice Hanson, Kelly Metzler, Debra Ledford, Alyssa Daken, Jennifer Wickham, Kisha Heck, Renae Swanson, Rachel Washenberger, Danielle Nistler, Alisha Gehlert, Troy Poxleitner, Micah Jorgensen, Tim Franks, Dave Hanson and Laura Nelson.

First order of business was the approval of the agenda and the March 9 minutes. The treasurer's reports and April bills in the amount of $117,591.41, plus additional checks written between the March and April meetings of $6,835.76 were then unanimously approved.

Metzler gave a report on the recently completed speech season. Ledford, who placed sixth in subsection this year, gave her speech to the board. Daken and Wickham also presented their speech. Both presentations were well received.

Gehlert, Nistler and other members of the senior class requested permission to go on the senior class trip to Wisconsin Dells. They also requested that the district supply transportation. Permission was given along with approving transportation.

Congratulations were given to the students who have earned perfect attendance during the third quarter: Kindergarten - Daniel Chappius, Lavern Feather, Adien Raynor, Ella Thayer and Aubree Waldo; first grade - Wyatt Plackner; second grade - Monica Johnson, Braxton Lempart, Haley Mostad and Amelia Persons; third grade - Roland Iceman and Jayce Mostad; fifth grade - Daniel Durantes; sixth grade - Allyson Hendricks, Hunter Lossing and Dylan Tjepkes; seventh grade - Sydney Preston and Trevor Poxleitner; eighth grade - Philip Anderson and Lindsey Duresky; ninth grade - Shannon Head and Dylan Villaran; 10th grade - Jarrett burns and Paula Pearsall and 11th grade - Al Nistler and Kenny Schuh.

Congratulations to the students who were inducted into the Kelliher School National Honor Society - Rhonda Schuh (11th grade), Mark Geerdes (10th grade) and Kelly Heck (10th grade) and Junior National Honor Society - Cheyanne Franks (ninth grade), Shannon Head (ninth grade), Breanna Salmonson (ninth grade), Philip Anderson (eighth grade), Lindsey Duresky (eighth grade), Megan Hudec (eighth grade), Cole Koisti (eighth grade), Joseph Weidenborner (eighth grade) and Sydney Preston (seventh grade).

Congratulations was also given to the March students of the month: Elementary - Amelia Persons (second grade); Middle Level - Xenia Hillman (eighth grade) and High School - Courtney Adams (11th grade).

It was stated that the National Honor Society induction ceremony took place March 9 and that the Student Council is planning a spring Olympics the week of April 23-27.

The Technology committee met April 11. The district has been awarded funding through e-rate to upgrade internal wiring and switches and also an upgraded phone system. Those projects will take place early this summer.

board members Ed Anderson and Peggy Vollhaber reported on the Meet and Confer with members of the teaching staff April 4.

Superintendent Tim Lutz presented his report. He told the board that work is continuing on the purchase of a new bus.

He then addressed the board regarding the ADSIS grant and the School-Home Interventionist position.

Discussion was held on the upcoming summer custodial work and staffing issues.

EdMN-KSS has filed a Notice of Desire to Negotiate. KSS will tentatively plan to meet with Barb Woltjer and Ed Gehlert prior to the May board meeting May 10 at 6 p.m.

The board was informed that the NWSC insurance pool renewal meeting was held April 18. They were given what their rates for next year will be and whether or not they might want to bid the district's health insurance again this year.

Talks continue on shared staffing with the Northome School. Janice Hanson will be teaching two hours per day at Northome next year.

The fifth and sixth grade students and staff reported that they had had a great time on their trip to Wolf Ridge. Two senior high students, Renae Swanson and Tyler Gruber, also attended and were a great help to the group.

The Title I open house and parent night was held March 29 and it was reported that attendance was a little lower than last year.

The board discussed the pros and cons of refunding the state capital loan, but it was the general consensus of the board that they not pursue it at this time.

The board was given copies of the 2012-13 master class schedule.

Supt. Lutz informed the board that the city is interested in being able to use the school's generator in case of a major emergency that may lead to loss of electricity to the city's lift station near the school. The board agreed to work with the city, since it is also in the school's best interest that the lift stations remain up and running.

He also told them that work on grants (ADSIS, AIW, 21st Century) continues. The district has been notified that we have been awarded a $3,000 SHIP grant for a school salad bar and planting of a school orchard.

Plans continue for a three-to-four week summer school in August, to be funded through either the 21st Century grant or Title I funds.

The third reading and adoption of the 2012-13 calendar and the first reading of the 2012-13 master class schedule were both approved before the board voted to approve the purchase of a school bus.

Also approved was the contract for the school-home intervention program for the 2012-13 school year and a 4 percent raise for the school-home interventionist for the 2012-13 school year.

The meeting was then closed as permitted by MN Statute 13D.03 for EdMN-Kelliher Support Staff negotiations strategy. They reopened the meeting some 30 minutes later and adjourned.

The next regular school board meeting is scheduled for May 10 at 7 p.m. in the school media center.