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Alvwood Free Church to open FIRE Hall

Alvwood Evangelical Free Church will open its FIRE Hall to the public May 4.

According to Pastor Tom Bonar, FIRE Hall stands for Fellowship, Inspiration, Recreation and Education.

"Basically, it's our church basement," said Bonar. "We've obtained a really nice ping-pong table, foosball table and pool table. On the first and third Friday evening of each month, we'll be open for all who would like to come in, play some games, eat some pizza, drink some coffee and just relax."

Pastor Bonar says the FIRE Hall is a way for the church to help meet a need in the community. "Where can people go to enjoy themselves in this area that doesn't involve drinking?" Bonar asked.

"Not eveyone goes to the bar, especially families with younger children, so we want to give them an alternative."

While FIRE Hall rules prohibit alcohol, drugs and tobacco use, Bonar said there won't be any preaching during the Friday evening sessions.

"We just want this to be a fun, relaxing place... a place where kids are safe to be kids and mom and dad can unwind without fear their kids will be getting into things they shouldn't," said Bonar. "We have no agenda, other than to just be a safe haven for people."

Bonar said the FIRE Hall be open to all ages, but younger children need to be accompanied by a parent. There won't be any charge for those who come, however donations will be gratefully accepted to help defray costs.

In addition to opening the FIRE Hall, Bonar said the church would also like to host some community events during the summer.

"I'm still toying with some ideas," said Bonar, "and hopefully we'll be able to do some things that people will enjoy and be blessed by."

For more information about the FIRE Hall and Alvwood Free Church, visit their website at: or email Pastor Bonar at