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Donor provides $10K to save Carnegie Library

Alan Brew, chairman of the Bemidji Heritage Preservation Commission, presents the Save the Bemidji Carnegie Library Committee with its first donation. Brew, pictured in center right, donated $10,000 toward the effort. Pictured are, from left, Mike Bredon, Sharon Giesen, Lew Crenshaw, Brew, Cathy Marchand and Roy C. Booth. Submitted Photo.

BEMIDJI - The first gift of the fundraising campaign to save Bemidji's historic Carnegie Library has been received by the Save the Bemidji Carnegie Library Committee.

Alan Brew, retired Bemidji State University professor of anthropology and chair of the Bemidji Heritage Preservation Commission, made a $10,000 donation to kick-off the fundraising effort.

"The Carnegie Library is an important building in our community and I want to be the first to donate to the cause of preserving it," Brew said in a news release.

The city-appointed steering committee to save the Carnegie accepted the check on behalf of the city. Members of the committee include Roy C. Booth, Mike Bredon, Lew Crenshaw, Sharon Geisen, David Gurney, Sandy Kaul, Sue Liapis, Cathy Marchand, Kay Murphy and Cindy Serratore.

The committee is charged with developing a fundraising plan and timeline to be presented June 4 to the Bemidji City Council.

The committee has unveiled a new website,, which includes more information on the history of the Carnegie and also allows for online tax-deductible donation.

Donations by check can also be mailed to: City of Bemidji, 317 Fourth St. NW, Bemidji, MN 56601. Make checks payable to City of Bemidji.

A special fund has been designated for the project.

Questions about the committee and fundraising effort should be directed to Kay Murphy, city clerk, at 759-3580.