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Pathways Through Our Past

Entertainment Of The Past

This morning there was snow on the grass and we hope it will provide some much needed moisture to the fields and the woodlands. Some people have all ready started some of their plants, just waiting for that last frost and then we can plant them. Husband's mom always said wait until after June 6. My geraniums certainly need more space and bulbs are starting to grow. All the things mean summer won't be far away.

Blackduck used to have band concerts in a band stand on land between the Northlander Gift Shop and the dentist office. People from miles around came to attend, visit neighbors and do their shopping, much like the free bean feed that was held during the fair. There was a parade with a marching Band and a Miss Blackduck contest. Movies were silent with the words written across the bottom of the screen and someone was playing a piano along with the story, usually there was a damsel in distress and a villain. The good guy always won her hand.

Looking further back town kids used to take their shoes and socks off on the way home from school and walk bare foot in the icy run off along the streets, while farm children went bare foot in the icy streams. If you lived in town you could roller skate on the sidewalks. Not the Roller Blades they have today but the kind that you fastened to your shoes and tightened with a key. The girls liked to play Hop Scotch, with squares and numbers written in chalk.

Play houses or forts made from cardboard boxes or old lumber or fruit boxes. Sword fights with cardboard tubs or laths.

Dolls were made from the scrap bag with yarn for hair and helmets from cardboard and tin foil. How about the telephone made from two cans and a piece of string. I just read about Match Dolls. You used burnt out matches for the doll and then rolled the stick in small squares of material with a strip of the same cloth for the belt. These dolls were kept in a Tea can taken out to play with while parents worked in the fields. Kids made their own kites and really used one of their fathers ties for the tail.

A scooter could be made from a couple of roller skates and a board between the skates and a couple pieces of wood for the handle. A play store could be made from fruit creates or shelves a long board for a counter and empty food cans and boxes for the groceries. Kids could become tape dancers by pushing pop bottle caps into the soles of their shoes.

Reunions held special memories of water melon and corn on the cob eating contests. Popcorn. Homemade ice cream was made along with tables full of baked breads and pies.