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Blackduck Elementary goes rollerskating

Blackduck Elementary has been rollerskating like crazy!

Last week and this week, students in K-6 have enjoyed roller skating during gym class. Mr. Gross contacted a skating company and was able to make skating available to each student in K-6. The cost for a week of skating (five total hours for each student) was $7.

The elementary fitness fund donated $2 towards every student's skating fee to drop the total price to $5! The students enjoyed this new event with Mr. Gross. Many kids were able to put a roller skates on for the very first time in their life.

It was a bumpy start and many falls were happening, but by the end of the week most kids were able to skate! The staff and students would like to have this opportunity happen every year and hope in the future that we can have our own set of skates at school! Without a gym teacher, this wouldn't have ever happened.

On behalf of the students and staff, we thank Cody Gross for his hard work in making this possible for our students.



Week of April 24-27

TUESDAY, April 24 - Chicken patty and bun, fries, broccoli, carrot stick, pears, bread slice, milk variety.

WEDNESDAY, April 25 - Pepperoni pizza, romaine, ham, cheese, croutons, rosy applesauce, fruit snacks, bread slice, milk variety.

THURSDAY, April 26 - Shrimp, mashed potatoes, butter, broccoli slaw, mandarin oranges, blueberry muffin, bread slice, milk variety.

FRIDAY, April 27 - Hamburger hotdish, garlic toast, green beans, pineapple, , bread slice, milk variety.

Scholarships available

These scholarships available in the high school office:

Northwest Minnesota Women's Fund Scholarship: Senior students who plan on attending a public high education institution in the region. Deadline: May 1.

Betty Parker Scholarship for the Performing Arts: Seniors who have been a theatrical performer while at Blackduck High School and shown a capacity of leadership. Deadline: May 4.

AMVETS Scholarship: Senior students who plan on attending a technical college or university. Deadline: May 4.

Debbie & Janet Foundation Scholarship: Seniors graduating from Blackduck High School. Deadline is May 4.

James J. Wychor Scholarship: Seniors who desire to seek an eventual career in electronic media or broadcasting. Deadline is June 30.

Scholarships available

The Blackduck Dollars for Scholars chapter is once again offering scholarships to our local high school seniors. Information is available in the high school office.

Completed applications must be return to Tami Nendick by 4:30 p.m. May 3.

Preschool screening

Blackduck Public School is sponsoring a health and developmental screening for preschool children.

Early childhood screening is a simple, careful check for vision, hearing, developmental level, speech and language, health history and immunization review for young children.

This year's screening will be offered to children who were 3 years old by Nov. 1, 2011.

Participation in the screening is mandatory before entering kindergarten and is at no cost to the parents.

Parents concerned about the health and development of their child are encouraged to call the school about arranging a screening. This screening program is not a substitute for ongoing health care from a physician or other health provider.

The screening is held at the Evangelical Free Church in Blackduck May 3. Call Lori at 835-5300 for an appointment or if you have any questions.

Community Ed

30 Hour Classroom Drivers Ed will be held June 11-15, 18-22. The fee is $120.

Summer Basketball Camp will be held June 25-28 for third-ninth grade students. The cost is $45.

Call Blackduck Community Ed for complete details at 835-5241.



Week of April 23-27

MONDAY, April 23 - Chicken nuggets, potatoes, green beans, sandwich, fruit mix, milk.

TUESDAY, April 24 - Hamburger gravy, potatoes, peas, sandwich, peaches, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 25 - Build your own, chips, juice, orange wedges, milk.

THURSDAY, April 26 - Lasagna, garlic toast, cole slaw, mandarin oranges, milk.

FRIDAY, April 27 - Tacos with the works, sandwich, pears, milk.



Week of April 23-27

MONDAY, April 23 - Chicken pot pie over biscuits, peas, mixed fruit, milk.

TUESDAY, April 24 - Hot ham and cheese, California blend vegetables, strawberry cup, milk.

WEDNESDAY, April 25 - Corn dog, tater tots, corn, peaches, milk.

THURSDAY, April 26 - Lasagna hotdish, green beans, cole slaw, French bread, oatmeal raisin cookie, milk.

FRIDAY, April 27 - Chicken strip wrap with bacon, cheese, lettuce, green beans, pears, milk.