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ISD 363 board approves supt. suggestions

The Indus-Northome Board of Education met for its regular meeting March 14, granting approval for payments, trips and requests.

A correction was needed before the minutes from the Feb. 8 meeting could be approved.

District payments of $149,349.07 for accounts payable invoices and $22,935.83 for extra payroll, were approved as presented.

The following donations were accepted by the board -- $300 from the Upper Red Lake Association $300 for the Northome PTO Easter Egg Hunt and $500 from Northstar Electric for the Indus Scholarship Fund.

Chairman Brian Dreher was appointed to be the district board representative to Infinity Online and Superintendent Jerry Struss was appointed to the Executive Board of Infinity Online Board.

Following those two appointments, the January accounts payable in amount to $156,668.72 was approved as was the Joint Powers Agreement-Koochiching County Collaborative, a letter of agreement for the Wellness Institute Service and a Memorandum Agreement with the Minnesota School Employees and the South Koochiching/Rainy River Education Association for the Wellness Pilot Program.

Also approved was the Personnel Policy for the Wellness Pilot Program.

A two-day professional leave request for Indus teacher Mr. Sutton was unanimously approved as was the Indus Student Council Convention request from Mrs. Lewis. The cost to the district would be registration fees and hotel costs for the advisor, substitute teacher costs and half the transportation and parking costs.

Northome's Student Council Convention request from Mrs. Lundin was also approved. The cost to the District would be transportation and cost of the motel room for two nights for the advisor.

The board voted to approve the sale of items no longer used at the Northome and Indus Schools. A class or activity could sell the items as a fundraiser. All items sold must have administrative approval.

Numerous recommendations presented by Supt. Struss regarding staffing at the Northome School for the coming school year were approved and included the full time business position at Northome be eliminated, the purchase of up to two hours of business classes from the Kelliher District, hire Ms. Bennett to teach up to two semester long keyboarding classes, hire a full-time technology coordinator for the Northome School and change the Northome Industrial Technology position from two periods a day for three quarters to three or four periods a day (depending on registration numbers) for the second semester only.

There was a discussion regarding staffing at the Indus School for the coming school year. Dr. Struss was directed to bring a list of classes with projected enrollment of three students or less at both schools.

The Northome senior class trip to Minneapolis was approved with the cost of the trip being the responsibility of the senior class.

Derrick Gross came before the board and explained the teacher position on requesting changes to the calendar. After discussion, the board did not take any action.

The Northome 5 Year plan was presented, discussed and it was general consensus to endorse the plan.

The board then voted to reject the retirement proposal received from Leon Ditsch and to donate $500 each to the Indus and Northome Post Proms. This year Indus plans to combine the Indus Prom with the Post Prom theme.

It was noted that Caleb Schneider won the Excel Award. His profile was aired during state tournaments and he was presented his award during the state girl's basketball tournament.

Supt. Struss told the board that there was an MPCA inspection of the underground tanks at Northome last week and that a group from Ely has expressed interest in purchasing the Indus ice rink refrigeration unit.