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Letter To The Editor - Reader questions school board's judgement

To the editor:

It's not hard to see what is going on with our school board, to anybody who is paying attention.

First training session for the new school board members at the Minnesota School Board Association tells new board members to refrain from close friendships and personal relationships with school administration. You are the employer and they are the employees and some day you will have to make good sound decisions for the school district and your judgement will be compromised because of your "friendships and loyalties."

The MSBA recommends to hire a candidate for superintendent that has experience as a superintendent. The MSBA also says tha principals can make good superintendents but not in the school district where they were principals, because of too many "friendships and loyalties."

This is just plain common sense and some of you just don't get it -- "because of your friendships and loyalties."

If any of you board members entered into this interview process with compromised judgement and a definite goal in mind, you have wasted a lot of time and money and put a lot of good people through a process for nothing and you have done a great disservice to not only the taxpayers but the school district, the interview candidates and our students and you don't deserve to sit in your chair anymore and you will be remembered for it "and we voters know who you are."

The principal gave a presentation on school board member qualities and one thing that was presented was don't bring an agenda with you when you get on the school board.

I have to wonder what agenda was in mind of the candidate that was not appointed about 10 months ago.

Maybe secure your daughter's position in the staff maybe guaranteed wage increases for fellow teachers, maybe a paved road for the principal to move into the superintendent's office. Sorry if this offends anyone but the interaction of the school board members and the administration speaks volumes of your compromised judgement.

The school district has to be run like a business not like one big happy family and anyone who thinks it can be run like one big happy family shows lack of common sense and lack of qualifications and lack of judgement and that's how we get to where we are today -- "Friendships and loyalties."

After the school board meeting on April 2, I was very proud of our community for the good debate that took place. That is how this country was founded. I just hope the board is listening.

But I will say again, we want a new superintendent from outside the area -- a new face with new leadership for our school district and then maybe we can move forward and new outside leadership in the principal's chair would make a huge difference in our school district also. And please, make no mistake about it -- when I am saying all this, I am not standing alone.

Alan Hentges


A taxpayer, a voter, a parent and a very concerned community member.