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First graders receive Kindles

Cindi Wiebe's first grade class received three Kindle Fires this month through a site called

Wiebe submitted a project in January to the website. In February, her daughter and son-in-law in the UK decided to help raise the funds for the project.

They emailed a secret challenge to friends and family around the world that they would run in the Bath half marathon as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf if people would donate to the Kindle Fire Project.

Two days before the marathon all the money for the Kindle Fire Project was raised! Friends from the U.K and Japan, Alumni from Blackduck Public School, Staff and relatives all contributed to the project. It was amazing that so many people from all over the world took part and made an impact for a classroom in Blackduck.

Wiebe's class is enjoying reading books on the Kindles. If you would like to contribute so that more books may be purchased for the students please contact Wiebe at Blackduck School.