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Kelliher Students of the Month

Courtney Adams1 / 3
Xenia Hillman2 / 3
Amelia Persons3 / 3

Courtney Adams, grade 11, is the High School Student of the Month.

She has been really working hard in all of her classes over the past few months. She has been striving to do better in her classes and has worked really hard to get to the passing percentage for her MCA Math Test.

She is also a leader in her classes by being a role model student. She comes to class prepared to work, helps others when needed, and sets the bar high for behavior not only in her classes but in other areas of the school.

Xenia Hillman, grade eight, is the Middle Level Student of the Month.

She has worked very hard to demonstrate Mustang PRIDE in all that she does. She is a positive role model not only in her class, but for all students. She is willing to help out any way she can.

Amelia Persons, grade two, is the Elementary Student of the Month.

She is a good friend to others and a very kind girl. She works hard academically too.

She sets her AR goal high and always meets it. Amelia hasn't missed one homework assignment.