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Letter To The Editor - Reader asks board to solve dilemma

To the editor:

Regarding Tuesday's school board meeting, again there was division with heated criticism leveled at the board.

First, let's thank them for being on the board. I'm sure not one of the six is on the board because they needed something else to do! They are serving because they care about the school and our kids.

Second, I want to state that I didn't attend meetings to advocate "for" Mr. McCrory. I would support any person who was the final candidate.

Third, the board received 15 applications, narrowed it down to seven for first interviews then invited three back for second interviews. Of those three, Mr. McCrory was the final candidate. I don't understand why he was not then offered the job. Isn't that how the process usually works?

Fourth, if the three main criteria for the job were: Minnesota Superintendent's license, budget experience and grant-writing experience, why did he have any interviews?

Finally, I'm dismayed as are many members of the community. I hope each board member will honestly seek an answer to this dilemma. I suspect each side of the division had an "agenda" even if it wasn't apparent.

We have loved this wonderful small town because of the people since we moved here! I hope all of you who attend church will pray for the healing of this division.

Helen Gross