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Letter to the Editor - Residents urged to attend school board meetings

To the editor:

Lately, I have heard a lot of talk regarding Blackduck School. It seems as if there are many different versions of the truth when it comes to the school board and the decisions being made.

As is the case in most small towns, information can change drastically as it makes it's way through the community. The best way to know what is happening at Blackduck School -- the accomplishments, the struggles they are facing and the decisions being made is to attend the school board meetings!

Not only will you hear the information first hand but you can hear the discussion surrounding these issues. You also have the opportunity, at times, to participate and voice your opinion.

Our school board has many important decisions to make and it is important that we as a community let them know how we feel. If you have children or grandchildren attending Blackduck school or simply live in the district, I encourage you to attend meetings.

Blackduck School is known for it's high standard of education and so for the sake of it's students and those to come we need to become involved and show our support.

Donna Stroeing