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Elevated fire danger issued in Minnesota

BEMIDJI - The state's Department of Natural Resources issued an elevated fire danger rating through the weekend.

The rating was prompted to low humidity and high winds. The weather conditions, along with dry fuels, will create dangerous fire weather conditions.

Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) agencies are making additional fire fighting resources available for the weekend.

Fire danger, according to the DNR, is extreme in the western half of the state. In addition, most of the rest of the state is in high or very high fire danger status.

An extreme fire danger rating means the fire situation is explosive and can result in extensive property damage. Fires under extreme conditions start quickly, spread rapidly, and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious.

According to a news release issued Friday by MNICS:

Development into high-intensity burning will usually be faster and occur from smaller fires than in the very high danger. Direct attack is rarely possible, and may be dangerous, except immediately after ignition.

Fires burning in heavy slash or in conifer stands may be unmanageable while the extreme burning condition lasts. Under these conditions, the only effective and safe control action is on the flanks until the weather changes or the fuel supply lessens.

Burn is restricted and no variance permits will be issued in most of the state. While campfires are allowed, please use caution so they do not escape. Clear an area around the campfire, attend it at all times and make sure it is cold to the touch before leaving it.