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Battle River Beavers News

Meeting called to order at 5:55 p.m. Pledges were taken. Roll call showed seven present, one absent, one leader, Jane and visitors Rena and Janel.

Minutes of last meeting read by Breanna, motioned by Rhonda, seconded by Tres.

The treasurer's report by Renae, we have $115 motion by Christina, seconded by Payton.

Old Business

Share the fun was talked at meeting. Booth and Banner we talked about a star was theme. Candle money was turned in. LQA&E and Valley fair was talked about.

New Business

Records will be printed by Jane.

Other Business

Fair is Aug. 8-12. It's six months away. meeting host is the Rhonda Schuh home.

Next meeting in March 17 at Rhonda's home. Adjournment was motioned by Renae and seconded by Tres at 6:53 p.m.